Membership Types And Privileges

Membership in the Club is a privilege. A holder of a share of stock of the club is not ipso facto a member of the club, and the purchase of a share does not automatically qualify a natural or juridical person for membership :

Club Membership

     • He/It must file an application for membership as prescribed herein.

     • Only by the action of the Board of Directors may such person be elected to membership subject to the limitations         provided for in Article II of the Club's By-laws.

     • Membership in the Club is not more than 30 years of age as dependent.

Classification of Membership

     A. Individual Member

          i. Individual Person of legal age.

          ii. Stockholder of at least one (1) share of stock.

          iii. Can add his/her wife/husband as Dependent Member.

          iv. Can add his/her child not more than 30 years of age as dependent.

     B. Corporate Member

          i. Registered Philippines Company.

          ii. Can have a minimum of one (1) Nominee and maximum of ten (10) Nominees.

          iii. Only the elected Nominees can use the member's privilege.

          iv. Nominee must be a Director or bonafide employee with executive status of the corporate.

Club Membership

     • Preferential and priority us of the country's one and only world class marina country club.

     • Importation of One Boat tax free subject to terms and conditions.

     • Signing privilege / charge account - Signing privileges for expenses incurred in the availment of facilities based         on the consumable availed by our member.

     • Authority to introduce guest/s to the Club - Introduce a guest, to whom a Guest Card will be issued only upon         his/her written authorization. He/she may also introduce visitors at any time provided he/she accompanies said         visitors to the Club.

     • Free use of recreational facilities designated free of use by the Club.

     • Exclusive use of boathouse function rooms (prior to reservation and arrangement).

     • 50% discount on Rooms Rates.

     • 1 berth 1 share policy, succeeding boats will be at 1.5 berthing rate.

     • 20% discounts on Food and Beverage items.

     • Members rate on berthing facilities.

     • Access to affiliate and reciprocal clubs.

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